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It’s a Small World.
It’s a Magical World.


World Magic Candle

Our World Magic line brings together magic from all corners of the globe. Our goal is to respectfully introduce a few of the very different, very powerful, and very beautiful practices of our worldly neighbors to illustrate how magic is truly everywhere and for everyone. 

For years, the World Magic candles have been among our best sellers with a loyal and dedicated following. Now, for the first time ever and for a limited time only, we are offering Ganesha, Lakshmi, Sacred White Sage, and Sweet Grass in our popular 2”x4” size! They’re the same great recipes only smaller, more convenient, and more budget-friendly.


Sacred White Sage

The Sacred White Sage candle can be used in place of sage smudge sticks. Use to spiritually cleanse any room, person, or magical working.


Sage clears the energy that had been limiting your growth and the connection of the unlimited abundance of the universe.


Sandalwood & Jasmine

Lakshmi is the sacred goddess to merchants and is one of the most beloved of the Hindu pantheon.


Having reincarnated ten times to be with her beloved Vishnu Lakshmi’s loyalty and commitment to prosperity continues to thrive. She sprinkles lotus petals in your path to remind you of the sweetness of life. Lakshmi opens the floodgates of heaven to fulfill your heart’s desire.



Sweet Date, Tangerine & Bergamot

His likeness rich with symbols shows us his connection with the material plane and his desire to help us with our day-to-day concerns. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and is prayed to before any venture for success and wisdom. Even though his hands are very busy he always has one available to bestow blessings on anyone who asks.


Sweet Grass

Awakening the sweetness of life! Sweet Grass has been used for centuries by the Native American people to cleanse away the worries, stress, and energies that keep us apart from the sweetness of life. It's burnt to bring forth the wisdom of all peoples of Turtle Island (the Americas).

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