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The Witch's
Brew Candles

Get Your Witch On!

It’s not the 1600s anymore. Witches can be loud and proud! With recipes formulated from our own spell-casting experiences, these four handmade herbal candles are beautiful and effective.

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Perfect for meditation, charging up your spells, protecting you during psychic work, and making your place smell just great!

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Evil Eye

A penetrating blend for spiritual protection, juniper, rose, and vetivert
Penetrates the senses to create a ward of protection for you and yours.

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Witch's Purse

Bergamot and date invite the sweetness of life as they release the tensions that block the manifestation of prosperity and clear the fears that can destroy abundance.

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Dragon's Blood

Sweet, smokey resin to power up your magic; Dragon's Blood is resin from China, the East Indies, and South America, that comes from some of the earth's oldest trees.

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