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Prosperity Magic

Are you in need of wealth, success, a promotion, luck, or your dream house on the lake? With an ongoing prosperity practice, you can achieve financial stability and manifest an abundant life!

Pick a Candle

Choose a candle that resonates with you and that you feel matches the energy of your intention. Here are a few suggestions for prosperity:

Begin Your Ritual

Before you begin, make sure you have a quiet and comfortable space and some time for yourself.


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Prosperity Candle Ritual

  1. On a piece of paper, write out what you are manifesting and when you want to manifest it by. Start with goals that are slightly out of reach, yet achievable.

  2. Light the candle, focus on the flame, and say the blessing three times. Make sure all packaging is removed.

  3. Project your thoughts into the future and start thinking as if this has already happened. Write yourself a thank you letter in the past tense and tell yourself how you feel now that your magic has manifested.

  4. Sit with this positive energy and let this wonderful feeling expand and fill your entire aura. Let this feeling fill the candle, the paper, and every item you placed in front of you.

  5. Let the candle burn, while you are present, for at least an hour. Extinguish it if you need to leave its presence. Relight it every day until it’s consumed and read aloud your thank you letter, allowing the positive energy to fill you and your space.

  6. Fold the paper, and place it where you can see it. (Discard the candle remains once it is consumed). 

  7. Open yourself to the possibilities that open up in your life that will allow this prosperity to manifest, including the things that may need to leave or change to make room for it.

Other Prosperity Products

Need Something a Little More Advanced?

The Big Book of Candle Magic is the definitive guide to candle magic including practical instructions, tips for successful spellcasting, and guidelines for how to use basic supplies for everyday magic.

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