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Love Magic

Did you know romantic magic is not the only kind of love magic there is? Love encompasses all types of relationships such as with yourself, friends, family, pets, and for the universe! Start love from scratch, attract more love, and enhance an existing connection in a few simple steps!

Pick a Candle

Choose a candle that resonates with you and that you feel matches the energy of your intention. Here are a few suggestions for love:

Begin Your Ritual

Before you begin, make sure you have a quiet and comfortable space and some time for yourself.
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Love Candle Ritual

  1. Place the candle in a fire-safe holder after removing all packaging from your chosen candle.

  2. Fill a clean jar halfway with clear water. Place a drop of honey in the jar.

  3. Light the candle and say the blessing four times. Talk to the candle, out loud, as if it is the person you are calling into your life. Describe the qualities of that person and the emotional feelings they bring to your life. Invite them to look for you while you are looking for them.

  4. Place 4 drops of wax into the jar. State, out loud, that you are welcoming this person into your life, and make sure to define the role you want them to have in your life; lover, spouse, friend, confidant, employee, mentor, etc.

  5. On a clean piece of paper, write a letter to them, welcoming them into your life, describing your qualities. Restate the qualities you are looking for and the role in your life you are looking to fill. Fold the paper 4 times toward you and then roll up the paper to fit into the jar.

  6. Close the jar and shake it up while saying the blessing on the candle one more time and inviting this person into your life. Visualize how your life will be once this person arrives. When you feel complete, extinguish the candle.

  7. Every day, relight the candle, shake the jar, restate the blessing, and visualize your life with the new person in it.

  8. Let the candle burn for at least 30 minutes to an hour. (Never leave a burning candle unattended) Do this until the candle is consumed, then discard the remains of the candle.

  9. Shake the jar every day until the person arrives in your life.

Other Love Products

Need Something a Little More Advanced?

The Big Book of Candle Magic is the definitive guide to candle magic including practical instructions, tips for successful spellcasting, and guidelines for how to use basic supplies for everyday magic.

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