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The Holidays are right around the corner!

Okay, not really. But last year our Krampus and Kringle candles sold so fast that we figured you might want to get a pre-order in now!

Don’t miss out on one of last year’s surprise hits!

Reserve Your Candles Now, Pay Later!

Ensure your shelves are stocked just in time for the holiday season.

Candles will be ready at the beginning of October and available through December.

Thank you for reserving your Kringle and Krampus candles! We will notify you when they are available and ready to be delivered.


Kris Kringle teaches us that charity begins with us. A kind word here, an unexpected gift there, goes a long way to someone who's in dire need.


During this season of joy and harmony, light this candle as a beacon to Kris Kringle, the ambassador of all the love and kindness that flows from the universe. Recommit to being a part of the Kris Kringle energy for another whole year.



Dodge the Krampus with a promise to be good. Hey, it could work!


Stack the odds in your favor to avoid the Krampus in 2023 with this offering and any act of good service to show him he's been wrong about you all along and the light is still very bright in your soul.

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