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Clearing Magic

Clear out negativity to make room for positive energy. Feel clearer, more grounded, refreshed. and connected with yourself.

Pick a Candle

Choose a candle that resonates with you and that you feel matches the energy of your intention. Here are a few suggestions for clearing:

Begin Your Ritual

Before you begin, make sure you have a quiet and comfortable space and some time for yourself.


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Clearing Candle Ritual

  1. Remove all packaging from your chosen candle and place it in a candle holder.

  2. Place a large fire-safe bowl on the floor with a bowl of water next to it.   

  3. Light the candle and say the blessing.

  4. Tear off the back of a brown paper bag and use the clean side to write out all the things that are blocking you.  Dig deep and write out each emotion, fear, stumbling block, relationship, limitation, prejudice, or anything you can think of that is affecting the block you are feeling.

  5. Crumple up the brown paper, repeating the phrase, 

    “I surrender these blocks to forces greater than I. I surrender these limitations and clear my energy of anything that stops me from achieving my dreams, including my own fears.”

    Say this at least three times as you crumple the paper until it is soft.  

  6. Tear a piece off this paper and light it with the flame of the candle and place it in fire safe bowl.   State the above phrase while you do that. Do this until all parts of the paper have been burnt.   Then douse the ashes with water. Flush the ashes down the toilet when you are complete. 

  7. Sit with your lit candle and focus on filling your energy with the creative, blessed, light of the universe to fill in all the spaces you just cleared. 

  8. When you feel complete, extinguish the candle. Relight the candle every day, restating the above blessing three times, then visualize your aura and energetic body being refilled with the light of the universe.

  9. Extinguish the candle when you are done, never leaving a burning candle unattended. Repeat this daily until the candle is consumed, this discard of the remains.

Other Clearing Products

Need Something a Little More Advanced?

The Big Book of Candle Magic is the definitive guide to candle magic including practical instructions, tips for successful spellcasting, and guidelines for how to use basic supplies for everyday magic.

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