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To kick off our 30th year in business we are shining the spotlight on the candles that started it all by bringing back 5 popular limited editions!


Hand-poured in
Ferndale, Michigan


Chosen Ingredients

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Created in a
Sacred Space

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Protector of the Oppressed

Lilith is an ancient goddess of creation that had her power stripped over time by conquering cultures, diminishing her to a demon; yet, she was too powerful to ever be forgotten. Her modern resurrection has been led by women reclaiming their power and calling upon Lilith’s ability to rise up again and again.


Money Magnet

Cash Now

We all have beliefs about money and its place in our life. These beliefs cause tension and fear that can block the easy flow of money into our pockets and bank accounts. Whether this is a temporary fear or a lifelong belief, the Money Magnet candle can get you to the other side of that block and help attract cash into your life today. 

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Block Buster

Firecrackers symbolize saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. We use firecrackers in America to celebrate our break from the King’s rule into our own independence


 What are you breaking away from?


Red is a lucky color, it brings blessings and drives off evil. Tying something with a red ribbon, string or cord ignites your magic.


Code Red

Help Is On The Way

Code Red is a universal symbol for help is needed. This all-purpose candle will assist in communicating the urgency of the situation to your spirit allies asking for and receiving an immediate change and improvement to your dilemma.

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Calamity Calmer

Stress Buster

Life can build up on you, layer upon layer of stress until you no longer can discern what the real stressors are and what is just a bother. This candle is designed to help you take a calm breath in a safe space. This allows you to release the calamity you are hanging onto and open up to easy, attainable resolutions.

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