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Hand-picked by world-renowned intention candle maker Jacki Smith, Aunt Jacki's Ultimate products represent some of the most powerful, most effective, and most popular recipes from the Coventry Creations catalog.

CrowN   of Success

When you need a reminder, put your crown on and open up to the opportunities and success waiting for your attention.


The ultimate magic to Reverse the curse sent to you and cut the drama off at the knees.

AJ-REV Knockout.png
AJ-LM Knockout.png

Love Me

The ultimate love magic to sendand receive the emotions you are desiring.

Quick  cash

When you need cash in hand, right away, no questions asked, this is the ultimate money magic for you.

AJ-QC Knockout.png
AJ-UNX Knockout.png


The ultimate in clearing your own crossed energy and setting your mind to success.

VaN Van

Bad  Vibe Away

The ultimate magic to uncover the truth and turn bad luck to good.

AJ-VAN Knockout.png
AJ-FW Knockout.png

of protection

FieRy Wall

The ultimate protection magic, calling in your warriors to deflect anything thrown your way.

Road OpeNer

When you are feeling blocked or want a clear path for a new idea, this is the ultimate magic for you.

AJ-RO Knockout.png
AJ-RX Knockout.png

Healing Rx

The ultimate spiritual, mental, & emotional healing boost to support the physical process.

Available in Sprays + Oils

Perfect for on-the-go magic or when you can't use a candle!

CoventryCreations-Aug2021_023 (1).jpg

meet AuNt Jacki

Jacki Smith is the founder and president of Coventry Creations. In 1992 Jacki was the first on the national market with her Blessed Herbal Candles. This line gave birth to the spiritual candle industry.


Over the past 25+ years she has created hundreds of magical candles, teaches spiritual development classes, and podcasts, volunteers, and is a best-selling author of Coventry Magic, and co-author of DIY Akashic Wisdom, and the Big Book of Candle Magic. Jacki has dedicated her entire life to the mission of normalizing the words “Witch” and “Magic” in everyday life.

Meet Aunt Jacki
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