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Out of the box with a fresh look!

Astro Magic candles are ready to help you navigate the astrological calendar and life! More compact but just as powerful, the new Astro Magic candles will get you through a Mercury retrograde, help you hit the reset button during a full moon, or take advantage of Jupiter's energy to improve... just about everything!


Full Moon

Let it Go 

The Full Moon reflects a two-week period of clearing out the old and is great for letting go of negative behavior patterns, people, and cleaning the slate to make way for a new beginning at the next New Moon.

New Moon

Let it Grow

The magical influence of the new moon is growth in its primal form. This energy of growth takes hold of your strongest intention that is in alignment with your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.




Do you need the upper hand in your life? If so, Mars the warrior god is more than willing to help. Mars likes to fight and if something is worth fighting for then you just have to go after what you want.

Mercury Retrograde


In Astro Magic, we can use Mercury Rx to review our past, revise our plans, and self-correct. You can also use Mercury Rx to release the past and move confidently into the future.



Truth Serum

Mercury is the planet that provides you with the necessary information to make a major decision and stack the deck in your favor. When you need the truth, you need Mercury.

The Sun

Curse Breaker

Solar magic is one of the most potent forms of Astro Magic. The Sun’s energy will cleanse you of curses from others or from yourself. You can also use the Sun to receive the favor of authority figures, charm others, and improve whatever ails you.


The Moon

Do You!

Use The Moon candle to awaken a deeper understanding of who you are on a primal and instinctual level, unlocking access to your greatest powers.


Get the F*ck Out

When you are at your limit in any situation align with Saturn to send it on it’s way. This may be a person, influence, or even your own bad habits, and it’s time to Get it the F* Out.



That Bitch

Take off that old assumption that Venus only brings romance and lifelong love. Venus gives you permission to unapologetically pursue and attain the desires you have at this moment.


Lucky Star

That feeling you get when you play with the possibility in your mind is a seed of the expansive Jupiter energy. Turn that dream over to him and he is going to put the opportunities to make it happen in your path.


Available in Sprays

Perfect for on-the-go magic or when you can't use a candle!

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