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Blessed Herbal

Self-Help in a Candle!

 Coventry Creations Affirmation candles are made to help you cheer on that special person in your life – YOU. Created from our own special recipes and made with only the highest quality herbs and oils, we’ve got the Affirmation candles to help you live your best life!


Hand-poured in
Ferndale, Michigan


Chosen Ingredients

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Created in a
Sacred Space



Whether you need assistance from a heavenly Angel or one incarnate on this earth, bring gentle confidence and the help that you desire with our Angel Affirmation candle.

A sky blue 2"X4" pillar candle with a sweet floral blend and a 40 hour burn time.



The Goddess Mother Earth is constant in her nurturing support of life. This candle honors her as the ultimate mother and unites us with her maternal vibrations.

An earthen brown 2”x4” pillar with a scent of woodsy patchouli and 40 hour burn time.



Grief is an important part of our human experience and can either help or stop the healing process. This Grief Affirmation candle is designed to be used when you are overwhelmed with the emotions of loss.

A spiritual white 2”x4” pillar with an uplifting cypress blend and a 40 hour burn time.


Guardian Protector

Moments of stress and fear leave vulnerable openings in your spirit. Relax and allow your Guardian Protector to remove what is harming you and strengthen you against further attacks of negative situations.

A shadow black 2”x4” pillar candle with a green spicy scent and a 40 hour burn time.



When faced with the challenges of healing, you can use all the help that you can get. This candle helps by supporting you in your ability to cope with the changes you are experiencing on all levels.

A royal purple 2”x4” pillar with honeysuckle & cedar scent and a 40 hour burn time.


Home Blessing

Home can conjure up many feelings; some filled with love, while others are of grief and struggle. This Affirmation candle brings up the loving emotions to turn any residence into a home.

A redwood color 2”x4” pillar with warm rose myrrh scent and a 40 hour burn time.


Inner Beauty

We are born with an illuminated spirit created by the beauty of love. Treasure and honor that spirit and replace self-defeating thoughts with the Inner Beauty candle.

A deep aqua 2”x4” pillar with a grapefruit & ginger blend and a 40 hour burn time.



The perfect candle to help you develop your intuition. Keep one going to help you stay aware of the intuitive flashes that you are gifted with throughout the day.

A brilliant blue 2”x4” pillar with a breath of lavender and a 40 hour burn time.



Love comes from an unending source so there is plenty to go around. This Love Affirmation candle is designed to tap into that source, aligning your energies to receive and accept all the love you need and desire.

A blush colored 2”x4” pillar candle with a musky woods scent and a 40 hour burn time.



They say that Lady Luck can be elusive but we say that she is always whispering in your ear. This Luck affirmation candle can help heighten your awareness to the good fortune that surrounds you.

A brilliant orange 2”x4” pillar with a spicy sandalwood scent and a 40 hour burn time.



Meditation can heal the soul and quiet a troubled mind. This Meditation Affirmation candle is designed with the oils that help one achieve deep healing, meditative states.

A gentle white 2”x4” pillar with an uplifting musk blend and a 40 hour burn time.



The source of your prosperity lies within. Use this Prosperity Affirmation candle to help with positive affirmations and to help turn positive thoughts into prosperous reality.

A clover green 2x4 pillar with a bergamot clove scent and a 40 hour burn time.


Soul Mate

Ideally, your Soul Mate will be with you for a lifetime. But even a day with a Soul Mate is a greater blessing than having never known their presence. Looking for yours? This is the candle for you.

A pale pink 2x4 pillar with a gentle floral blend and a 40 hour burn time.



 Triumph over what is blocking you - external conflicts, inner struggles, bad habits, or financial/personal challenges with our Success Affirmation candle.

A brilliant yellow 2”x4” pillar candle with a french vanilla, patchouli, juniper, and frankincense blend and a 40 hour burn time.



Take time out from the stress of daily living and surround yourself with the essence of Tranquility Affirmation candle. For a moment or for a life time, revel in the splendor of bliss.

A lavender 2”x4” pillar with a gentle ylang-ylang scent and a 40 hour burn time.

About Coventry Creations

Coventry Creations is the most well known and respected intention candle maker in the world. For over 30 years, people have used our candles, oils, sprays, and other magical products as alternative solutions to everyday problems. Located in Ferndale, MI, we make all of our candles by hand using our own expertly formulated recipes and all natural ingredients. At Coventry Creations, our motto is: No matter your need or challenge, we have a candle for that.

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